Friday, 7 April 2017

Ana Crickets

WALT engage the reader by using interesting vocabulary.  
Today wasn't a typical school day. It was a extra unordinary day. Mrs Stickland walked into room 7. Surprisingly she said that we were eating CRICKETS!
Luckily Mrs Stickland brang spew supplies. She also brang chocolate flavored mud! I was absolutely petrified. I put the cricket in my mouth and started biting. It tasted CRUNCHY!
That day was a day that I would never to be repeated. That experience was a once and a lifetime. I hope that no one ever tries crickets.
Task Description:My task was to write a recount about what happened on Thursday.I had to use juicy vocabulary. I had to make it interesting.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Ana,
    Wow! Eating Crickets most of been like torture. I know I wouldn’t want to experience that event ever in my life either. Though your writing was wonderful, it did have a few mistakes.
    For Example:
    Your Title, Ana Crickets. If your task was to write something juicy then Ana Crickets wouldn’t make that much sense. I think something like, “The unusual event” or something like that.
    Other than that I think your Writing was very Interesting.
    Keep it up!