Monday, 10 December 2018

Special Assembly ツ

This Monday morning we had a special assembly. The year 4's were awarded special prizes for having a great attitude towards learning.

They have received a 40 dollar deposit towards they're chromebooks for next year 2019. The overall winner was Aleki. Mrs Samuel-Latu has given him a new uniform, 40 dollar deposit for his chromebook and a box of favourites.

Joy, Solomene, Pita and Aleki were acknowledged for their dedication and hard work towards learning.

Mrs Samuel-Latu and her sisters have been coming for the past 8 years to present these awards. Sadly this is the last time we will be having this type of assembly for our year 4's.

I hope the winners will continue their hard work and dedication in the future.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Swimming At Otahuhu Pools 🌊

This weekend me and my friends went to the pools in Otahuhu, because it was really hot.We all got changed into our togs that felt really damp, which made me feel colder. I jumped in the pool and I felt a nice relief of water, till my friends splashed me...

That was a beginning of a water fight, or should I call it water war! My friends splitted into teams and started splashing water like we were Goku. If I was gonna get splashed again I would've went ballistic on them.(Tbh)

Sadly our water war had to come to an end, the pools were closing. We got changed and walked out the pools dramatically, hoping to come back again.

Friday, 30 November 2018


Wednesday was our last day cooking with Mrs Tuipulotu. Our tech group made sausages with cheese and chips, my partner was Liza. She's an amazing cook!

Step 1 - The first thing we had to do was slice the 4 sausages in half.

Step 2 - After that we put cheese and tomatoes on the sliced sausages. If it wasn't enough we had to top up the cheese and tomatoes.

Step 3 - Bake for ten minutes with the chips in the oven as well.

Step 4 - Serve with tomato sauce and enjoy.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Christmas Crossover 🎅

Today we are going to start our Christmas Crossover, I am very eager to begin. This is going to be my first time experiencing the Christmas Crossover. The seniors have a responsibility to look after the younger students at Ruapotaka. I don't know a lot of things about the Christmas Crossover, but I know it's gonna be completely fun! Hope it's as extraordinary as other people say.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Too Much Rubbish !!

Our inquiry group made this presentation about littering in the environment. It contains topics about whos helping out and recycling. We tried our best with decorating, and adding enough info. I hope you try out our survey, hope you like it.

Culture Groups ❤

Term 4 has finally come which means culture groups is NEAR!
Everybody has been working hard to learn there performances, So they will be prepared for Prize Giving Day.
There is four more weeks till prize giving and I am so nervous.

I haven't learned the whole dance yet, plus I can't figure out to go left or right! Even if it's really stressful I'll try to do my best, but for these four weeks I will be trying to learn our dance till perfection. Hopefully we do good.

Friday, 16 November 2018

The Duffy Show

Duffy Show!!!
The Duffy Show came to our school on Tuesday, after the long weekends. They had a show for our school in the multi purpose room. Firstly the show was really amazing! They were teaching us how to sing the duffy song in New Zealand Sign Language, Which was a learning experience.

The show was about how people take bullying as a joke. Duffy meets a girl named Ashley crying in the bathroom. Duffy asks Ashley why she was crying, Ashley says she's hungry and continues to sob. Duffy asks what happened to her lunch, and she explains about the bully.

She said that it all started when her grandma died, She started worrying about her dad dying or her mum. She started having nightmares and couldn't get any sleep, that was A BIG PROBLEM! She went to school late and, VERY EXHAUSTED! Ashleys teacher always had a problem with her coming late. She was really sleepy in class, she accidently fell asleep.

That's when the bullying started. She started mocking ashley and stole her lunch. Ashley never did anything because she was intimidated by the bully. Duffy felt sorry and gave her a book to relieve her stress, because that always helps him.

Ashley read that book that night, It actually helped her get to sleep. She had a nice sleep that night, and got early to school. The bully was trying to intimidate Ashley, but the book gave her the courage to stand up to the bully. The bully left furiously, Ashley Gave her the book to calm her down.

The bully read the book and finally understood that she was bullying Ashley. The bully thought of it as some jokes. Now she finally understood what she has been doing. She apologized and asked Ashley if she wanted to play soccer with her and Duffy.